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Sensor faucets for schools and kindergartens , types and features:

Three-part multi-level faucet

  • Three spouts at different levels – 800, 950, 1050 mm
  • Electronic assembly with electrovalves located in a box on the other side of the wall
  • Senzoi on the wall above the spouts
  • Water jet directed upwards
  • Stub made of stainless steel pipe fi 114.2 mm
  • Polukugle fi 250 mm
  • Water inlet fi 20 mm, outlet fi 50 mm
  • It is recommended to install an activated carbon filter /if the water is suitable for drinking/
  • At the customer's request, we install filters with reverse osmosis

Sensor tap with single spout

  • Stainless steel column fi 70.3 mm, H according to the customer's request
  • Polu kugla fi 250 mm
  • Sensor on the wall above the spout
  • Water jet directed upwards
  • With different filters

Sensor faucet square in two levels

  • Made of stainless steel sheet 1.5 mm
  • It is installed by hanging on the wall
  • Dimensions: total length 800 mm, width 400 mm, height /lower/ 300 mm, /higher/ 450 mm
  • The complete installation is located in the construction of the fountain itself
  • Required water supply fi 20 mm and drain fi 50 mm
  • Recommended installation of adequate filters

Wall-mounted sensor faucet

  • Made of stainless steel sheet 1.5 mm
  • Height of tub 300x 350x350 mm, inner diameter 250 mm.
  • Upgrade mask 350x200x50mm
  • Electronic assembly and electrovalve located under the mask
  • Installation by hanging on the wall
  • Water supply fi 20mm, drain fi 50mm
  • Installation of adequate filters is desirable

All these faucets are ergonomically designed and recommended from a hygienic point of view, because activation4 is done contactless.

Sensor faucets for schools and kindergartens

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